Bill Hogarth – USFSP


He may be leaving, but Chancellor Bill Hogarth still

has work left to do

FEBRUARY 18, 2013 10:32 PM

As Bill Hogarth’s time as USF St. Petersburg’s leader comes to an end, he reminisces on the accomplishments he has made as interim regional chancellor and makes plans to do the most he can with the rest of the spring semester.
As the Regional Chancellor Search Advisory Committee whittled down candidates, Hogarth was not among the three finalists recommended to USF President Judy Genshaft for the position. Though Hogarth said he was disappointed with the decision, he is confident it will not stop his actions as interim chancellor.
“I am not going to stop doing things,” he said several times, emphasizing the importance of continuing to work on the school’s needs.
Overseeing the installation of a 1,100-gallon fish tank in the University Student Center — paid for with $12,000 from student activity and service fees and a $25,000 grant from Progress Energy — is among Hogarth’s top priorities to have achieved by the end of the school year. He is also focused on equipping the College of Business with its own building, set to be built on the lot now occupied by the Piano Man building.
Enhancing campus security is also on Hogarth’s agenda — he worked with campus maintenance to have the tall shrubs trimmed to discourage intruders from hiding in them.
Other plans include hiring new faculty members, relocating the lounge in Davis Hall to the Student Life Center, reviewing and revising budgets, exploring alternative dining service options and using personal funds to provide scholarships to dedicated students.
“It is interesting to watch how students operate and react in their environment,” Hogarth said, explaining that he feels it is important interact with students on a daily basis. He makes an effort to be among them when he’s not in his office.
Though it may have been short lived, Hogarth said he has enjoyed his time as chancellor.
“If it is not the best, it’s one of the best jobs I have ever had,” he said.

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