8 reasons Taylor Swift is the TOP role model of this century

  1. She is brilliant-
Though no one is perfect, Taylor Swift proves she knows how to model the way for young women. She continues to keep her music clean as well as her act. She helps the crowd see you don’t have to be a rebel to attract attention.
  1. She’s cool, calm and collected-
Who could forget the big moment when Taylor Swift went up to the stage to accept an award for best video where Kanye West rudely interrupted her. Taylor Swift, shocked, collected her self and stayed calm. She didn’t shove Kanye off stage or curse him out. Even later, Taylor Swift kept no grudge against Kanye. She forgave him and moved on.
  1. She stays true to who she is-
Though Taylor Swift’s style and music have changed, the person she has been remains the same. You never see Taylor Swift on the front cover for drug or alcohol problems. She continues to write music about love and doesn’t allow the media to change the writer she is.
  1. She is the definition of classy-
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While other stars wear less and less to attract attention, Taylor Swift proves you can still be beautiful while being less revealing. She paints the image that being beautiful comes from the inside. It is good to still have that one role model out there who dresses in a way young girls should emulate.
  1. Her story is inspiring-
It was once said that Taylor Swift played guitar until her fingers bled. In high school she wasn’t the most popular because she chose to stay home and work on her goals. Now, she hits billboards at #1 with her songs because she worked hard and didn’t allow distractions to get in the way of that
  1. She appreciates her fans-
Taylor Swift has made an effort to make her fans feel as loved as they make her feel. After the release of her album “1989” Taylor Swift began studying her fans likes and during the Christmas season she sent some of them a package full of gifts. Each package contained a personal letter that was handwritten by Taylor Swift. Some of these fans were surprised when Taylor Swift delivered the package and spent some time with them. You can view that video here.
  1. She uses her music to help young women-
Taylor Swift is vulnerable enough to share her own experience with love in her songs. Young girls everywhere have been able to relate to these mini stories. Her songs have helped them cope with their break-ups.
  1. She stands for positive influence-
Taylor Swift’s latest album “1989” includes a song entitled “Shake it off”. This song tells listeners to shake off the negative things people may say. She brilliantly uses her own scenarios of what people think of her to let people know she isn’t going to let it get her down. She influences others to have the same positive attitude.

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