Money doesn’t buy happiness

As I sat in a tiny office with two computer screens in front of me I realized I was the only one occupying the room. I was alone with my thoughts.
My thoughts told me I was tired of staring at a computer screen for 8 hours straight 4 days a week. My Thoughts argued this was no life to live. It was at this moment I realized money would never be my driving force.
5 reasons why I believe you should do what you love and not what makes the most money.
  1. Money doesn’t bring happiness!
I say this with confidence as I watch celebrities drown their miseries in drugs and alcohol. Some of the most famous men and women are the unhappiest. Robin Williams, a successful actor recently committed suicide. Money or fame couldn’t keep Williams content. Though this may not be the case for everyone, I believe there are more important things in life than money. Working for a job I loved with a lower pay was better than being in a job with a higher pay that I despised. I was miserable working in an environment I had no interest in with a good pay and this proved to me money can’t buy happiness.
  1. Doing what you love doesn’t feel like work!
I have worked at a job that included 8 hours a day that I served no interest in. This job made one day of work feel like one year. I have also been in a job where I worked 8 hours a day but enjoyed every hour. When I am doing what I love, 8 hours feels like 1 hour. I don’t feel like it’s work when I am committed to something I am passionate about.
  1. You can climb the ladder of success with a job you love!
People tend to work harder when they are doing what they love. I am now in a job that relates to my degree and I have never worked harder because it is fun for me. I take work home because it is enjoyable and I have been rewarded for my hard work. It is easier to get noticed in a job someone loves because his or her talent will shine through.
  1. You build your confidence!
Most people find the talents they have are the things they most love. When people do the things they love they feel better about themselves and are most prone to impressing their boss. Of course, impressing the boss makes someone feel even more confident!
  1. You won’t find it hard to stay motivated!
It is much easier to procrastinate when people don’t like the work they have committed themselves to doing. It is harder to be motivated with work people don’t enjoy doing. However, when someone is doing what he or she loves then they feel joy in doing it so motivating themselves becomes that much easier.

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