Freshman Year Advice

No one ever has a perfect year. There is always that one thing we wish we would have done differently, that one thing that would have made a difference. For me, freshman year is the year I would have done things differently.
Freshman year is the start to a future profession, so it is an important year. I would like to offer some words of advice to those who are about to embark on their new journey.
Words of advice for incoming freshman:
  1. Be involved:
I lived on campus, yet I seemed so far from the campus life. I regret not seeking all the opportunities college offered. Since I wasn’t involved I didn’t have the chance to meet many people. I focused more on schoolwork and maintaining the grade point average that made me happy. Although having a good GPA is important, it is also important to seek opportunities and gain experience for the future. I know if I were involved I would have kept my mind off the stress I had from being in 5 classes.
  1. Utilize the tutoring center on campus:
Being an independent person, I relied too much on myself. I wish I had stepped out of my comfort zone to ask for help when I needed it. Instead, I spent wasted hours figuring out math problems by myself. I think if I went to the tutoring center I would have saved myself from all the frustration I felt.
  1. Explore your city:
I spent more times staring at the empty white walls of my dorms than I did exploring the beautiful city I lived in. I was consumed with 5 classes, but I could have used my free time to explore. When I was in my sophomore year in college I realized I knew nothing about the places in my city. I wish I had given myself a break to de-stress by exploring my city.
  1. Save money:
Although I had my school and housing bills covered, I should have had a job to save money. College is a time for independence and it gets pretty pricy. I don’t know about you, but having a low amount of funds gives me anxiety. I wish I saved money for the expensive things I needed in the future like a car and a laptop.
  1. Create a healthy lifestyle:
Freshman 15 didn’t apply to me my freshman year because I went to the gym frequently. Though I exercised, I didn’t care about my health. I scarfed down brownies more than two times a week, and ate my favorite hot Cheetos everyday. I wish I paid more attention to what I ate because eating unhealthy didn’t give me the energy I needed for my busy college schedule.
These are just a few things I wish I had done that you can take into consideration. I wish you luck with your first year!





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